Races and Regattas

race boats

TASS members and their guests are welcome to be a part of all our races. Compete with fellow sailors, practice race tactics, and sharpen your sailing skills. PHRF certificate not required. Cruisers are welcome but spinnakers are prohibited, per standard race rules.

All TASS races are conducted on Galveston Bay. Skippers meetings are held at either the Waterford Harbor Ice House or the pier 13 pavilion at the parking lot level. Meetings begin at 10am on race day. Skippers, crew and guests are welcome to attend. Click here for TASS race marks map and race marks table.

Boat owners register their boats by the Thursday prior to a Saturday race.  There is a per-boat fee that goes into a trophy kitty. Registrants who are members pay $10 per boat, and non-members pay $20. This boat race fee can be paid online, or at the weekly Thursday meeting.  Race course and start time(s) are announced at the Skippers meeting. Click here to view this year’s race schedule.

After all races, TASS gets together for a party, which includes an award ceremony. More specific information can be found on our Calendar of Events.